Crafter, quilter, reader, lover of wine, music and family


Who Am I?
I'm a daughter, I'm a sister and I'm a mom.
I was a teen in the 80's and still love neon, MJ, British pop and anyone who performed at Live Aid.  I remember Madonna being married to Sean Penn, and OJ in Naked Gun.  The Outsiders was my favourite book and movie then.  I reread it last year... still love it.
I live in the prettiest city in Canada, I think.  It has an amazing creative community and is full of inspiration. 
Halloween is a huge deal in my house.  Decorations are planned months ahead of time, and it is not unusual to find latex makeup or fake blood around our home at any time of the year.  Gotta practice those scabs and scars.
I love memes.  Unless they are political.  I love memes almost as much as I love Pinterest.  Memes on Pinterest? Don't get me started.
Want to know more?  Feel free to send me a message from the contact page.  I might answer ;)